Jeju Island offers many choices for holidaymakers with pets

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If you visit Jeju Island, popular tourist spots, well-known landmarks, Instagrammable cafes and restaurants may be filled not only with holidaymakers but also with their pet dogs.

A total of 307 pet-friendly destinations beckon pet owners looking to enjoy the southern resort island, worry-free. It is an increase of 130 places from 2022, taking into consideration the 23 spots that closed this year, according to Jeju Tourism Organization.

Recognizing that most pet-welcoming places are restaurants and cafes, the tourism agency added more accommodations and pet-exclusive areas to the list of pet-friendly destinations.

The pet-friendly accommodations have increased from 13 to 43. There are 48 places that cater exclusively to pets, like puppy kindergartens, pet hotels, pet restaurants, pet beauty salons and more.

Jeju Island’s eco theme park Vicheollin, outdoor tourist spot Snoopy Garden and Hi Jeju Hotel are among the many pet-friendly destinations that can elevate the travel experience with your beloved pets.

Vicheollin and Snoopy Garden